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About Fastbase

  • Fastbase provide detailed and in-depth information about companies worldwide. Fastbase has established one of the most comprehensive global business databases over the past 10 years. Fastbase has been exploring the internet with own developed algorithms, proprietary web-crawlers and filter-techniques to extend and improve the database-information. The dynamic database contain information about more than 200M companies, 350M websites and 450M associated business people, numbers that are constantly crowing. Fastbase will not in anyway collect or provide data or information which are not publicized by the source itself. All data and information within the database are data and information which has been provided and publicized by the given companies themselves and are as such public accessible. Personal data and information are as well elsewhere public accessible.
  • Fastbase Webleads

  • Fastbase Webleads is a service that identify website visitors to any website. Fastbase Webleads do only provide company visitors and do not identify private or mobile visitors neither will Fastbase Webleads identify any specific personal visitor.
  • Fastbase comply to the EU and US data protection legislation and will be partner of the Privacy Shield Framework.
  • Fastbase was founded 1st. of December 2014 with the initial purpose to providing detailed company information and data to the user of Google Analytics extending website visitor insight and knowledge to all Business to Business website operators and administers worldwide.
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